Sub-Saharan Amenities is a supplier of guest amenities to exclusive hotels, guest houses, spas and clinics in South Africa and Africa.

We always strive to be innovative using new and advanced technologies to deliver high quality products.

The pioneers of sub-Saharan have spent over five years in search of the most comprehensive collection of supply in guest amenities, having attending workshops abroad.

In being 'Eco friendly' our products have an environmentally friendly packaging.

In the frame of our activities we observe and search the local and international market in order to find the best products in the field of guest amenities. Moreover, according with the needs of our customers, we design and create elegant products which are in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. We are precise in the design process having in mind that the final product must contribute in the promotion of the unique style of each customer.

Our main concern, beyond supplying top quality products at competitive prices, is to offer quality services to our customers. For us, quality service means, to provide a variety of options to the customer, to be efficient and on time in delivery, as well as to have a personal touch with the customer in order to identify possible problems or new needs.

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